Thursday, April 11

Our Trip to Olympic Peninsula

Spring break is here and we decided to spend a couple of days exploring the Olympic Peninsula.   We left on a Monday morning; board a Ferry from Redmond to Kingston.   Good thing there was no long waiting time in the ferry.   We planned to be there for the 9:40 boarding time.  Boarding the ferry, you have to be there at least 20 minutes before departure.  We paid $27 for 2 adults and 1 youth, children under 5 is free.   You can buy your ticket in advance or check the ferry schedule at   Crossing time is approximately 30 minutes. 

From Kingston, we drove to Olympic Game Farm in Sequim.   At the gate we paid  $35 for entrance fee, again children under 5 is free.  We bought a loaf of bread for $2 to be used to feed the animals.   We were glad that we bought bread because that makes the experience unforgettable.   You drive around the farm in your vehicle, you are allowed to open your windows, but they have strict rules that everyone should stay inside their vehicles at all times.   While driving around the farm, you can see a lot of animals on the road, a lot of Peacocks, and other type of birds.   Lamas and Yak are swarming the road; sometimes you have to stop because you cannot pass through.   They approach your vehicle and nozzle on your window hoping to get some bread.  They love it when you feed them with wheat bread.   At first, it’s kind of freaky because you don’t know what they will do or can do, but once you tried it, they are fun!   This farm has good number of Timber Wolves.  Their African Lions both male and female are huge and looks well fed.   You can see Bunnies and other types of small animals in every corner.   They also have a lot of Kodiak Bears and Black Bears.  

The moment we entered another portion of the farm, we were ambush with a flock of American Bison!  I think these animals become used to people feeding them bread, that once they saw a car approaching they swarm the car hoping to get food.  It was kind of scary at the same time fun.  It was new and one of a kind experience to the kids and of course for us grown ups as well.

This is the picture of the car right in front of us!

When we paid the entrance fee, we felt like it was so steep, but after the drive around, we told ourselves, it was all worth it!

You can check their website for more info; Olympic Game Farm

I highly recommend this place for the whole family; it was a lot of fun!  

Next stop, Port Angeles and Forks !  Here we come Twilight :-)

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