Sunday, February 23

Crabbing - A fun experience

We had fun crabbing with a group of friends over the weekend at Bainbridge Island here in Washington State.   We have never tried crabbing before and the kids were so excited especially my eldest daughter, because she love to eat crabs.

So, from Seattle we took a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island and from there it took us 10 minutes to reach Suquamish Tribal Port.   The day before the crabbing day, we bought crab trap, and other stuff necessary for the crabbing and of course our 1 day pass license.   You need to get a license for crabbing or fishing, and you can get those online or as for us we got it from Dicks sporting goods.  The day that we did crabbing was the last day of crabbing in WA.

Everyone was so excited to start and the kids was ecstatic to see the first catch.   We had our coolers, and chairs set up in the flatform.   The weather was gorgeous during that time and it was perfect to sit around and wait while enjoying the sunshine!  After just a few minutes, someone had their first catched, pictures was taken and everyone has to take a look.  The pressure was on with the rest of the guys, to have their first catch.   By the way, each person is allowed to catch 5 crabs and that includes the kids.  After hours and hours of waiting, we grew tired and the kids gets restless, so we let them play down at the lake side while the women chit chat.

Around 3:00 o'clock and the guys still have 5 crabs on their cooler, we decided to pack up a little bit and call it a day.   I think since it was the last day of crabbing, the number of crabs got saturated or the crabs just get smarter not to get enticed with those smelly fish and chicken because they know that it is a trap!

At the end of the day, my husband caught 7 crabs,  we were a little (just a little) dissapointed because we were hoping to catch a lot.  Greedy me :-) But I was thinking of sharing it with friends who were not able to make it.   Crabs are so expensive and I am sure a lot of people will appreciate it if I could share some of our catch.

We catched the 5:30 ferry to Seattle and ate a little snack at the ferry then everyone headed home respectively.   I boiled our crabs that night and cooked it the next day, because I was so tired.   Some of our friends have them for dinner that night.  It was so good and the best thing is the experienced of doing it.  We plan to do it again next year, but we will combine it with other activities or do it somewhere nearby.   Going to Bainbridge Island just to do crabbing is not worth it because you have to spend money on the ferry ride and gas.

All in all, it was a good experienced for grown up and kids alike!

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