Tuesday, December 9

Our Weekend of fun

My husband planned a weekend escape for us at Great Wolf Lodge at Ground Mound, Wa located between Seattle and Portland. It is a 1 1/2 drive from our place and it has one of the largest indoor water park in the US.
They have a three story tree house that sprinkles water everywhere with two slides that goes all the way to the ground. You have to watched out to the big bucket tipper that sits on top of the tree house. Every few minutes this bucket tip its contents all over the tree house. Gabz was so excited about it, but when the bucket tip and splash through us, she run in panicked, and yet keep on coming back ! We were not able to try the giant slide though, i'm afraid Gabz will get traumatized.

Above picture was taken when we were about to go home, Gabz get so bored treasure hunting and decided having ice cream is more fun.

Riding the waves is our favorite ! You ride the balloon and enjoy being swept by big waves over and over. We have fun splashing, being turned upside down by the big waves, and climbed back up to do it again !!

Gabz having a ball spraying water with her Dad. (but looks like Dad was the one enjoying it !)

Gabz having a blast climbing these giant toy animals.

Retiring to our room after a three hour fun in the water !

This place is great for a weekend family fun. They even have a story house where kids gathered and listen to the stories of Yellow feather, Mr Owl, Mr Moose, the talking tree and other animals.

Kids was challenged to solve mysteries and quest to become a MAGI. You purchased a wand and a book of clues and tips, then your on your way to uncover treasures, clues and adventure. Not only kids love this, even parents do...we did !

And most of all service in this place is remarkable. This is one weekend we could treasure!
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Iris said...

Hi Melanie, Legaspi market is in the Legaspi side of Makati where Greenbelt, AIM, United Church of Christ are. :) While Salcedo opens on Saturdays, Legaspi opens on Sundays naman. :)

Btw, your weekend looks really fund! :)