Friday, December 5

Christmas Songs

We usually hear people say ; Christmas is just around the corner ! The moment the month of September starts, everybody wants to be the first to greet you Merry Christmas. Christmas songs starts playing on the radio, Christmas lights hanging around the trees, people starts making their Christmas lists. In Philippines, this is a four month long celebration ! How I miss having Christmas in Philippines, there is no other place in the world I would want to be during Christmas. The spirit of Christmas always hanging in every corner, Christmas songs filled the air, people crowding the malls for Christmas shopping.

Speaking of Christmas song, I seldom hear Christmas songs being played here in the US. I always love to hear Christmas songs, it lifts your spirit and makes you feel delightful !

My husband and I came up with a list of our favorite Christmas songs:

These are the top ten on our list:
1. Christmas in our Hearts - Jose Marie Chan (this is my favorite)
2. When a Child is born - Jose Marie Chan
3. Perfect Christmas - Jose Marie Chan
4. Christmas Song - Nat King Cole
5. Jingle Bells - Jackson 5
6. Himig Pasko - APO
7. I'll be Home for Christmas - Karen Carpenters (love this song even though it makes my husband sad)
8. Pasko na Sinta Ko - Garry Valenciano
9. Pasko na Namang Muli - (not sure the singer)
10. Happy Christmas - John Lennon
Next, I will tell you things that we miss in Philippines during Christmas.

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