Friday, December 5

Things I missed in Philippines during Christmas

Here are the things I missed in Philippines during Christmas season.

1. Family and friends

2. Kris Kringle left and right

3. Parol and Christmas lights

4. Simbang Gabi and Puto Bumbong on the way home (I never ever completed the whole simbang gabi)

5. Carnival Rides

6. Shopping at Divisoria for Christmas gifts no matter how crowded it is

7. Fire crackers in every corner / fire works

8. Karaoke during family gathering

9. The smile on the face of my nieces and nephews when they opened Christmas gifts after Noche Buena

10. Of course...lots and lots of food

I always look forward going home. Christmas of 2007, we were in Philippines for a month, but it feels like two weeks. Time fly so fast that you could not organized your schedule because there is always more friends and family that you need to meet.

Nevertheless, you could always treasure those times, no matter how tired and broke you are !!!

Advance Merry Christmas to all !!


kAyE said...

what you probably don't miss is the dozens of inaanaks that strip you off half your christmas bonus. haha!

rencalago said...

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