Tuesday, December 9

Four years....still counting to FOREVER

Four years today is the day we say "I DO" to live for better and for worst till death do us part. When we were talking about it the other day, it was like 10 years now and not only four years that we have been married. Four years and yet we have accomplished so much in this relationship. We have know each others traits, individuality, behaviour, flaws annoying habits, and yet we learn to accept and love each other more everyday. I may not know him so deeply and completely, (nobody does right ?)but one thing for sure, whatever it is I will love him more. The moment I have know in my heart that he is the person I wanted to spend the rest of my life is, I promised myself that I would love this man forever.

Happy Anniversary Hon !!!!

As his anniversary gift, I got what I wanted. A small digital camera, that would fit in my wallet. (this is because I always refused to bring his big, techie, Nikon D40 camera) From this day on, I could take whatever picture I want with a camera I could call my own. Thanks a lot Dad !!
This camera has been in good used on our trip to Great Wolf Lodge for a weekend escapade. I could just put it in my pocket and click and click...even Gabz love to used it !

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Iris said...

Happy Anniversary!