Monday, March 16

The Joy of Pregnancy !

I went shopping with my husband over the weekend to find some gifts for our friends who will be having their birthdays this month of March. I tell you there are a lot of them !!! One of them is a pregnant mom like me, but it would be their first and have waited for it for quite some time. So they are very excited about it.

So, I decided to give her this book that I found at Baby's R Us while trying to figure out what to give her. I automatically grab it as it was the last piece. I love this book so much, because I used to have one during my first pregnancy. This book really really helps me a lot. If you are a first time Mom full of worries, anxiety on every thing that is happening in your body, and have no clue what is going on, this book will help you. Of course educating yourself about pregnancy, by reading through the Internet, books and joining forums and meeting other mothers will greatly help.

These book give you tips on the following:

1. Your week by week pregnancy, what is happening to your body, to your baby, and what to expect. Of course not all women experience the same thing !

2. Tips on do's and dont's during pregnancy.

3. Exercise, Diet, and food supplements.

4. What to expect on your first and succeeding visits.

5. How your actions affect your baby.

6. Tips for Dads.

7. Discuss current medical problems or medications while pregnant.

8. Type of tests that you should or not get.

9. Other topics related to pregnancy.

This book mostly covers everything. It is well written and easy to understand. I don't make campaign about this book. Just want to share to other expecting Mother how this book had helped me during my first pregnancy.

I hope it could you you too !!! Goodluck !

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Jade said...

Oh I wish I'd have that joy of pregnancy too;) Still waiting for it to happen.