Tuesday, July 21

Another Great Savings Opportunity

Looking for ways to save money?

Need prescription eyeglasses in unbeatable price?

In this economic turmoil that we have, finding ways to save money is a must especially that back to school season is coming. Every penny you got has been budgeted to school supplies, clothes, shoes and other stuff that kids need to use for school.

Here in this blog, I always posted ways and tips on how to save money. Here is another way to save money; Zenni Optical is offering prescription eye glasses for just $8! Most prescription glasses cost around $200 and up, but you can get one from Zenni optical for just 8$. That's a lot of savings! You could not find any prescription eyeglasses for that price. For all moms out there who needs new glasses for their kids, check out Zennioptical.com.

My husband has been wearing eyeglasses ever since I met him. Almost every year he changed his eyeglasses simply because it is broken or his eyesight had changed. A couple of weeks ago, he went to the optometrist to have his eye checked again. He had been complaining that his eyeglasses do not fit anymore and that he needs another eyeglass. And he is right, his eyesight has increased and needs another pair of eyeglasses, but until now he has not bought one, because we don't have budget for it. I asked him to check Zenni Optical since he could get as many eyeglasses he wants in a very low price.

The optometrist asked him to have our daughter eyesight checked as well since poor eyesight runs in his family. I have noticed some signs with Gabz already, and I know that one of these days I have to schedule a doctor's appointment for her.

Love this eyeglass for Gabz, very colorful, very fashionable and cool! Can you imagine that this cost only $8 bucks? Just can't believe it. It's too good to be true, but Zenni Optical has been on TV so many times, KHOU and CBN both featured this in their shows.

Don't forget to check out Zennioptical.com you will be surprised what you can find.

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