Thursday, July 16


Tonight, my husband and his friends has Karaoke night here in our house ! I cooked dinner for them and some home made oreo truffle for dessert. It's my first time to make dessert, quite easy and love the taste too. While writing this, they are still singing.

Do you know that Karaoke, is one of the favorite past time of Filipinos, especially when there is a party ? im not saying that Filipinos are good singers, but they just loved to sing. I said "they" and not "we", because I don't sing at all. No matter how much I wanted it, my voice doesn't want to cooperate. So I am just on listening mode always. LOL poor me.

Tomorrow, we have movie night here in the house again and a birthday party at the park on Saturday ! What a busy days huh ?


Cacai M. said...

heheheh.. wow.. karaoke! I love to sing Te Mel even the song don't like me.. heheh.. I love doing it for pastime.

Tetcha said...

I love karaoke. If I manage to grab the mike, I would certainly hold on to it for as long as I can. Haha!

Workplace On the Web said...

I love singing karaoke :)