Wednesday, July 15

First Swimming Lesson

Yesterday, we enrolled Gabz to a swimming lesson in a nearby school. After her summer playschool ended, I have been looking for activities to occupy her time. She gets so bored inside the house the whole day. Her routine is to watch TV, watch DVD, play Wii, read her books, practiced writing and running around the house. Sometimes, she would asked me, "Mommy where are we going today?" or "Mommy, whats next?"

I tried to find some activities around the area that would not cost so much. Found these school that offers swimming lessons for just 30 bucks (6 sessions), not bad right? Yesterday, we enrolled her and after an hour she attended her first class. She was ecstatic when she jumped into the water and was giggling and screaming during the class. Her teacher has to asked her to be quite ! She did good in the water without me and her Dad, we just watched at the balcony in case something comes up.

After 30 minutes the class was over. She said that she had fun in the water and keep telling us what she did. I was so proud of her because some of the kids in her class were crying and needs a lot coaxing to get into the water! She had fun and looking forward to her next class!

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Tetcha said...

Kids love being in the water, well, most of them do. I'm glad Gabz enjoyed her first swimming lesson.