Wednesday, July 15

Nikon Helps protect the Environment

Photography is one of my husbands great hobby. Ever since he started this hobby, the only camera he used is Nikon. No matter how his friends convinced him to switched to another brand, he would stick like a glue with Nikon. It is because Nikon products are very good, durable and top of the line.

Nikon is launching a new product Nikon Ecobins Binoculars. Perfect for avid bird watchers, hunters or anybody who love outdoors. Nikon Ecobins 10X25 Binoculars are made from eco-friendly glass, manufactured with no harmful chemicals to help protect the environment, and yet maintaining the highest quality that made Nikon number one.

The Ecobins binoculars feature Eco-Glass lead-free and arsenic-free lenses and prisms. Almost everything about this products are eco-friendly, the carrying case, binocular strap and even the packaging. The product box is made from recyclable Fiberstone Paper. The production of FiberStone Paper uses no bleaching chemicals and releases zero pollution. This is how committed Nikon is to help protect the environment.

Nikon Ecobin Binoculars is 10X25 compact, rugged, waterproof, and fogproof . To learn more about the features and specs of Nikons Ecobins Binoculars, simply visit You could also join Nikon in their commitment to protect the environment and be a natures advocate.

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Dorothy L said...

That's so great to have a partner that is into photography. It is so not an easy nor a cheap hobby to have.

You must have some fantastic photos:)