Tuesday, July 7

Make use of the warranty of your home

It has been more than a month now since we moved into our new home. Living in this house, let you experience the imperfection and flaws of the house. It is a good thing that we have a 30 day warranty (after moving in). At least as early as now we could address the things we noticed in the house.

Prior to the walk through we did the ff:

1. Discuss with my husband the things we noticed in the house.

2. Walk around the house to check things that is broken or not functioning properly.

3. Make a list of the things that needs to be fix.

4. List down all our questions about the house.

5. Schedule the walk through, and get a timeline when they will start working.

Today, I had an appointment with the Warranty personnel of our home builder. I let her know of our concerns in the house and she promised to send someone to fix it the soonest. I know that a month or so is not enough to know all the defects in the house. I am hoping that on the eleventh month (of moving in) we will be able to determine some of it.

Moving into a newly constructed home does not mean that everything will work perfectly. Everything is new, so you have to make sure that everything is working properly. Good thing though that there is a warranty for this kind of thing, otherwise you will be spending hundreds and thousands of dollars to have these fix.

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