Friday, August 14

Got my Terabyte Last Night!

Wow! we got our terabyte last night. I was talking on my previous post how slow my computer is and that we have to order online a trabyte so we could store all our pictures and movies in there? We got it last night, sooner that I have expected!

Here it is !

This terabyte could store 440 hours of DVD, 250,000 MP3s and 285,000 JPGs! Wow, ins't that great? Now I have transferred all our pictures in this and my computer is back to its normal shape! Back to blogging again :-)


""rare*jonRez"" said...

wow! i need one like this, too!

how much did you pay for this?

kittykat said...

congrats on your new baby happy for you..

""rare*jonRez"" said...

awww. i bought a 250GB portable hard drive, not a terabyte. i hope it could still help me w/ my thousands of pictures! lol i am waiting for it to be shipped though. :) thanks for the info sis!

Anonymous said...

I got this exact model for my birthday and it has just been a blessing. It's amazing how many files can stack up so fast :)