Sunday, September 6

I'm on STRIKE!

My computer is on strike since yesterday. Just shut off herself after Gabz finished playing. I cannot turn it on no matter what I did, nor my husband. Just learned from my mother in law that Gabz dropped it the second time around the other day. Maybe that is the reason why my computer decided to go on strike. She feels that nobody ever takes good care of her. (and that's what my husband used to say too) He was always telling me to clean my computer after Gabz finished playing, because sometimes she plays with it and her hands are dirty, that leave a lot of smudges on my laptop.

Right now, I am trying to snatch my husbands laptop just to blog. I have to check where could I have it repaired! Oh, I hope they can still recover my hard drive, because all our 2009 pictures are there and a lot more!

My husband is quite pissed off, I could tell :-)

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