Saturday, November 7

Get a prepaid credit card now!

Are you tired of paying your monthly credit card bills? Prepaid credit card is the answer to your problem. Prepaid credit card, is a credit cards that can be use anywhere just like your regular credit card. The only difference is that you need to deposit money into that account in the same way as you deposit money into your savings or checking account. Once you already have the money in your card you can charge as much as you want without putting yourself in debt. You can only spend up to the amount that is in your card, you don't have to worry about overspending, or interest charges. You have complete control of your financial situation.

This prepaid credit card is convenient for people who has a bad credit and could not apply for a credit card. But I guess this is a pretty good idea because it helps, when you are in a tight budget and is trying to control your spending habit. You cannot spend something that is not there, right?

The only catch is that, some establishment or business does not accept prepaid credit card because of the risk that there might not be enough money when the bills come.

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Cher said...

Oh yea. just like some debit cards :P which is hella convenient for the people who were so tired on paying their credit card bills and sometimes getting it over due. :P and let's not forget the interest. lmao

Btw, im CHER