Wednesday, April 7

Easter egg hunt!

This is quite a late post, but here it is anyway. Gabz was invited by her friends to do egg hunting in their community. Since our community is not doing any, so I let her go there. The weather that day was chilly and windy, but because of so much excitement to go egg hunting with friends, Gabz was only wearing a simple jacket. After standing there for around 10 minutes, we were freezing. And yet the kinds are all jumpy and excited to start.

The organizer did a good job by dividing the park into three parts, first part is for kids ages 0 to 2, and they went egg hunting first. After that another part of the park that belongs to kids ages 3 to 5. And the last part is for bigger kids. At least all the kids has a chance to pick up something and not being over run by other kids.

Now it is time to open up those pretty eggs! Lots of candies and chocolates :-)

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