Wednesday, August 11


Gosh, I can't imagine that I will be doing this thing again. Studying for the finals! It's been ages since I studied up to the wee hours. Holding the book and trying to squeezed all these information inside my lazy brain. I could really feel the difference now and then when I study. I used to retain information quiet easily and could remember it for many years, but now I feel like I could only store these information for a couple of days and they are all gone? What happened? Could I blame this to the epidural (people say that you became forgetful once you had epidural)? Or is it because my brain has been asleep for many years? Oh I don't know, the only thing I know is that I need to study and pass my final exam. Only this week and after that I have one month of rest from the books. I will be blogging soon !!!! Hooray ! :-)

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