Friday, August 13

Parents Choice has a new Look!

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I went grocery shopping at Walmart yesterday for the things that we need on our weekend trip, bought some baby products and household supplies too. While I was in the baby section looking for diaper, I was surprised to see that they do not have any parents choice diaper. Do they run out? But that is impossible since that is there own product. I have been using Parents Choice since I had my first daughter, now I am using it for my second baby. I went around and around because I was looking for that Big Yellow Box of diaper. But when I stop and really look around, I noticed that there is a new Purple Box and it says Parents Choice! They changed their packaging and I love it! It looks great, the purple heart design (Parent's Choice in a heart) just stand out in the entire packaging. Simple and neat but it conveys the message they want to send to parents. The entire packaging is just terrific!

While my curiosity is still on the rise, I check the rest of Parents Choice products to see what is new. Indeed, the packaging of their baby formula changed too. And it just looks awesome as their diaper product. Even though their packaging has changed the product is still the same and the formula did not change. Only the packaging has changed, it is still the same formula that has FDA approved standard. Parents Choice offers complete nutrition for your baby's health. It still has a DHA and ARA to help support your baby's brain and eye development. You can also purchase this product online soon and they offer FREE shipping.

PBM Products gives value to your money. You can save a lot of money because they are selling it in a low price. I can attest to that because I have been using their product for many years. Why don't you check out Parents Choice in Facebook? Better yet, check them out at Walmart store near you.


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