Tuesday, September 7

Baby Gate for your baby's safety

Having a baby around the house is a big responsibility. You have to make sure that everything in the house is baby proof or are safe for your baby's curiosity. My daughter who is 11 months right now, is always all over the house. She plays with everything she could grab and open everything that she could reach. That is why, we installed cabinet locks, outlet covers and most importantly baby gates! We tried to put everything breakable out of reach too. You have to watched her all the time because this is the stage as well where she put anything in her mouth. Making sure that small toys are tucked away for the time being and that the house is always clean of all crumbs and small things. She could easily get choked with things that she could pick up and put in her mouth. You cannot under estimate what your baby can do, so you just have to make sure that everything is safe.

For me the most important thing for my baby's safety is putting a stairway gates. That is both upstairs and downstairs. When she was five months old, and just started crawling, I did not expect her to learn how to climb up the stairs, but she did. She climbed one step and fell off, I was so scared back then and promised myself that it will never happen again. Good thing, a friend of mine has a couple of KidCo Gates that she used when her baby's were still small. Now it was just lying in her garage, so she asked me to used it. I put one at the top of the stairs and another one at the bottom. Out stairs at the bottom has uneven angle, good thing she has one of those KidCo extra wide baby gate. I have been using them for four months and I would say that I am very happy to have them. I have peace of mind that my baby is safe and will never fall off the stairs again.

Whenever our friends and family visits, they always asked me what kind of gate I was using, and I would always tell them that it is Kidco Gate. I have recommended it to some of my friends who has baby's as well. I recommend them because, I have experienced how great the product is. I will not recommend something that I do not trust especially when the safety of my baby is concerned.

To all mommies out there, our baby's safety is the most important thing and will always be our priority. Start baby proofing your house as early as you can!

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