Sunday, September 5

Japanese Garden Portland, OR

Here are some pictures from our tour of the Japanese Garden together with Jenny and company. This garden was extremely well maintained, so paying $10 is worth it, kids is free. This 5.5 acres garden is worth to explore if you are visiting Portland. The simplicity, tranquility and serenity of the place is good for your relaxation and peace of mind.

This waterfall is the center of the garden.

This is one portion of the garden where I was not able to explore, because it is not accessible by stroller. One setback, but I guess it is ok because the stone stairs path adds to the beauty of the garden. It is simply beautiful!

From the top of the garden, you have the magnificent view of the downtown Portland and Mount Hood!

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Dhemz said... loving all the photos...gorgeous...lalo na yung falls...:)

musta na po te...salamat po sa dalaw!