Friday, September 3

Safety and Security is always a priority!

I came to the point in my life where I told myself, I need to start taking good care of my body and I need to loose weight now! A week ago I started to do Yoga again, but this time a different one. I used to do Purna Yoga, but now I tried Bikram Yoga. I enrolled in one of the studio here in Renton, and during my first day, one of my hesitation is where to leave my stuff behind. When I entered the bathroom at the same time locker room, I was surprised to see that they do not have any locker at all. All they have is cubby holes lined up against the wall. I was thinking, should I leave my bag and the rest of my personal belongings in there? Is it safe? I am not sure how do they handle the security of their establishment so I left my belongings inside my car parked in the parking lot. Is it safer that way? I do not know. One thing for sure, I could not allow my personal belongings just lying in there for anybody to grab.

I just wish they would have those Gym Lockers where I could safely put my stuff inside and secure it with my own code or lock. That way I will have the peace of mind that nobody will touch my personal belongings while I am away. I think if they have one of those lockers it will add value to their business because their clients will have confidence with them, because they value their clients privacy and security.

There are a lot of lockers for sale that will certainly fit their budget. I know that some lockers are quiet expensive, but I am sure that the expenses they will incur will be returned by the number of clients who will appreciate their efforts in making their establishment safe.

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