Thursday, December 9

Six years !

Yesterday, we celebrated the 6th years wonderful, happy marriage life.  Time flies so fast, it has been six years already?  The result of those six years are two beautiful daughter.   We celebrated this special day in a very simple way since I was cramming for my final exam on that day as well.  Hubby get a time off from work and treated us on a sumptuous dinner at Crabpot in downtown Bellevue.  After that, we went to the mall so kids could see the snowflakes lane at Bellevue Way, unfortunately we were late :-) They just settle at Kids Cove playing area.  They had fun though looking at giant Christmas tree and raiders flying inside the mall.

Before we went home, hubby and the kids surprise me with a dozen of red roses!!! They know how much I love receiving flowers.  Hubby never failed to give me a bunch in every occasion :-)  That is one of his traits that I love most *wink!

Here are some pictures he took.   As I look at this picture, I am amazed how my girls grow up so fast.

Look at this seafood!! Yummy..yummy.  The only downside on this restaurant is that, you have to get two orders of these seafood feast!  Anyway, we took home the leftover, and I was still eating those during lunch today!  I was a good experienced all in all.

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