Sunday, December 19

Christmas @ Leavenworth I

We spent a few days at Leavenworth to unwind and take a little break.   Leavenworth is very famous here in Washington during Christmas because of its magnificent lights.  Originally, we wanted to go there during the weekend, but almost all hotels near the area are already fully booked.   We went there Sunday afternoon instead until the weekdays.  Friday, Saturday and Sunday they have a lighting ceremony where they do the countdown in lighting all the Christmas lights in the area.  Good thing we were able to witnessed that and a lot of people was there, so the atmosphere is really jolly and festive.   We were able to took pictures with the Christmas characters and of course a picture with Santa!!!  Gabs did a lot of sledding and Andi had so much fun in the snow.
Here are some pictures during our stay:

Gabs had a good posed with the Nutcracker.  Unfortunately the Nutcraker Museum was closed, so we were not able to check it out.

This is one of the reasons why people come here.

Where is Gabs?  Crowd are thinning out, so we were able to took our picture in the middle of the road.

They call this place the Old German Town.   I cannot say that it does look like a German town or a town in Germany, because I have never been to Germany.  But a lot of people say so, so I have to take their word for it :-)

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