Tuesday, December 28

What do you have for New Year?

Christmas Dinner is over, here we are again preparing for the New Year's Eve celebration.  Have you planned what you are having this New year's dinner?  I could not make up my mind what to cook!  With all this holiday dinners twice or trice a week is making me lose my appetite because of so much food.  I could not think of any food that I would like to prepare :-(   of course aside from that I do not want to think of the weight that I am gaining here! Let me worry on that after the holidays. (That's what I always said every holidays :-( )

We have a lot of friends coming to celebrate the coming of another year, I am so glad that we are sorounded by so many friends, but I am having a dilemma here on what to prepare.  I do not want to cook any Filipino food anymore, I want something different.   Recipe books where are you?  I really need your help right now!!

Any suggestions?   

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