Tuesday, December 14

My favorite day? Black Friday

Post contributed by Fletcher Vargas

Some people may call me crazy but I love the day after Thanksgiving which is infamously known as BLACK FRIDAY. Black Friday, you know when everyone has EVERYTHING on sale. It is a shopper's dream!
This year I decided to get a early start and got to my local electronics store at 3:00 AM the day before to wait. It was a little cold but the deal were hot! I started by buying a big TV for only $399.00! WHAT A DEAL. After I was done there I headed over to the local clothing store where I found the boots of my dreams for only $15.00, I mean really, what else could a girl ask for? Thankfully, my good luck continued throughout the day with signs screaming 50% OFF or 75% OFF REGULAR SALES PRICE, who could pass these deals up. As the morning continued the people thinned out and alot of the sales did too.
Because I woke up so early I was really tired around eight o'clock that morning and decided to go ahead and head home because I was very happy with everything I got, and quite frankly, almost out of cash but then right before my eyes I saw the one thing that topped it all! The most beautiful diamond necklace on sale for only $99.00!
I was so happy with myself that when I got home I decided that I deserved to hook up my new big screen and watch direct star tv on it all night! BEST DAY EVER!

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