Friday, December 10

Christmas Vacation @ Leavenworth, WA

This year we are going to spend our Christmas vacation here at Leavenworth, WA.  We have been there already, but not on Christmas time.  Leavenworth is very famous here in Washington during Christmas.  There is lots of snow and they have Christmas lighting ceremonies and many Christmas activities.  They called this place little German Town.  I was trying to copy some pictures, but for some reason it does not display.  If you want to check it out, just google Leavenworth, WA it will bring you to there site.

We planned to go snow sledding too, hubby just bought a sled from Costco.  We have tried the sled in front of the house when the snow was heavy and it was so fun!  Looking forward to a more exciting snow sledding at Leavenworth next week !!!

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