Thursday, December 9

Scouting dresses for my girls!

November and December are the most busiest months of the year for me.  With all the holidays, gift giving, family and friends visiting, our household is a total chaos.  I can't hardly follow any daily routines that we have, there is not enough time for a day to do all the things that I need to do.  Most of my time are spent in running errands, grocery and shopping!!!!  With the shopping thing, I do not have any complaints though, I just love hanging around the mall or any store there is.  But with my 14 months old in tow, I cannot spend too much time in one store because she gets bored so easily.  So every time I went shopping, I had to drag my husband with me to watch the kids or rather entertain them somewhere.

We are now on the second week of December and I am telling you that I am not done shopping yet.   I am waiting for my second batch of orders from an online store this week.  Those are children's clothes for family and friends.  I still have to shop for girls dresses for my two angels.  I need to scout for online stores that has beautiful, unique and yet affordable dresses.  After that, I am all set for the holiday shopping!  Next will be food preparation for Christmas.   Time to bring out those cookbooks from the shelf.

Any food suggestions?  I wanted to do something special, not menus from our ordinary days.  I need a quiet moment for this, as I wanted to pour over the cookbooks and fantasize how delicious those food that I wanted to prepare.   Any suggestion are welcome :-)

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