Wednesday, January 26

Another wonderful year had passed!

Another year had gone by, a year full of blessings and good things that would last me a lifetime.   How strange that a year felt like a few months, so many things had happened that you will start to ponder if it was already a year?  But I have no regrets, only thankful for all the good and not so good things that happened, for you will always learn something in every circumstances.   You just have to look at it on the positive side of things, making all things good from your own perspective.

I do not know if I will be glad, that I am getting older for another year, maybe yes, because it only means that I am growing wiser, and that experienced has taught me a lot of things in this place we called life.  Sometimes I am quiet befuddled why I felt a little sad on the sideline?   Maybe is it because, I felt like I still want to do a lot of things (which I cannot do at present)?   Do I have regrets?  If I could turn back time, do I want to do something else?  Or will I do the same thing and be happy and contented for all the good blessings I am having right now? 
So many questions, so many answers, but the bottom line is that I am turning old for another year again!!!! LOL.

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