Thursday, January 27

Spice up your Valentines Day!

Valentine is just around the corner.   Wherever I went, I could see Valentine decorations, gift ideas and even party supplies.   I went to the party store the other day, and Valentine decorations and party supplies dominated the entire store.   When Valentine is in the air, you could also feel a lot of love around.  People, young and old celebrate the day in their own special way of showing how much they care.

Me and hubby has been together for almost ten years and yet this is one event that we always celebrate.   He never ceases to give me flowers and chocolate every Valentines Day!   His sweetness, is one of those attributes why I love him dearly.   Even when we were far apart, he always make sure that he ordered flowers and chocolates for me to be delivered on that special day.  

Some couple tend to become indifferent as time goes by.   Sometimes we forget to appreciate and value how simple things could  make our partner feel love and adored.  A simple act of sending flowers during Valentines Day or any day at all will make any woman's heart melt.   A bouquet of roses and Lilly will certainly brighten her day, will put a smile on her face.   Flowers and chocolates are women weakness.  Don't get too caught up with work and busy schedules, a phone call to 1800Flowers will surely make your love one feel how much you care.   You can send flowers in any occasions and have them delivered at her doorstep anytime, anywhere. 

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