Tuesday, February 1

A simple wish

Sometimes you will be surprised of the simplicity of how a child thinks.   How I wish I could remain to be the same on some aspects.   An innocent mind, not influenced by worldly things, or sometimes I would like to get the credit (us parents) because it could be the result of how we brought her up.   Not being spoiled by expensive things and material things, instead we showered them with love and care everyday.

Gabz just celebrated her birthday a few days ago.  Prior to her birthday we asked her what her wish will be or what kind of present she wants on her birthday.  Without having second thought, she said she just wanted some books on her birthday.   Oh ok, we could buy you some books, but what else do you want on your birthday?  We tried to goad her to think of something special or something big (like a dollhouse or something), but she could not think of anything.   We decided to brought her to Toys R Us so she could find it by herself.   It was even worst!!!! We spent and hour and half at the store and she could not make up her mind.   But when she found one, she stick to it no matter what we said.

This is what she got.......

We asked her over and over if this is what she wanted and she said yes.   At the end of the day, we bought her a Princess Doll House.  When we tried to paid for it, she kept asking if we are also paying for her guitar.  True indeed, when we arrived home, she played her guitar and ignore the big Doll House that we bought.

How I wish, grown ups happiness and contentment will be as simple as a child.  We throw a Birthday Party for her though.  She did had a blast on her birthday because we prepared lots of party games for the kids.  I will post pictures soon.

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