Tuesday, February 1

Be creative !

Does it ever happened to you when you wanted to give someone a present and could not think of anything?  It happened to me most of the time!   You wanted to give someone something special that will show to them how much effort you put into it.   Something simple, personal and yet creative.  Giving someone a pen or pencil is very simple and very ordinary, BUT if you give a custom imprinted pen that is something different!  It means that you went into a great lent of having it personalized for him or her.  So every time he or she uses that pen it would always remind him or her of you.  

Personalized pencils or pens is also a great company give away or presents to clients and staff.   I remember when I was with an International company, we used to give out personalized pens to clients during our annual company exhibition.   Simple and yet it serves it purpose by advertising your company, at the same time you have given it a personal touch that could impress your clients and or guests.

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