Tuesday, February 1

Gabz @ Ice Skating Rink

Gabz birthday was a Friday, her Dad had his off from work and decided to go Snow Tubing.   But then I was thinking that we need to buy snow gear and still have to travel to the mountains.   I suggested, to make it simple instead, went to Ice Skating Rink and have Gabz try it on.   The plan was that, I will accompany Gabz at the rink, but when we arrived, I got chicken out and could not do it at all.  I was so scared, not so good to let Gabz knows about it.  Her Dad went with her instead, but stayed at the sideline while she did her thing.   She was using a walker since it was her first time, but was so brave that she wanted to get rid of it.  She fell, trip and yet she get up by herself and enjoyed it.  I felt sorry for having her skate by herself, but I could not really do it.  She had fun anyway and wanted to do it again.  We promised to enroll her this coming March as she wanted to learn it.   I wanted to learn too!!! and of course her Dad as well.  But it will be either one of us since no one will watched over Andi :-(

Here are some of her pictures.

This Ice Skating Rink have a class once a week for 7 weeks.  It cost 110USD for the whole class.  They even have instructors who do private lessons and its USD100 for 10 sessions.  No bad huh?  I really wanted to learn how to do that.  After I tumbled for the first and last time at Central Park, I did not have the guts to try it again.

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