Saturday, February 5

Be on TIME

Are you one of those people who does not wear a watch?  who love to ask someone what time is it if they need to know the time of the day?  I am one of those people!  I think it has been a decade now since I stop wearing a watch.   I do not know why, but I just suddenly stop wearing them.  I gave all my watches to my sisters and nieces.   I guess there comes a time when I just want to do things without the pressure of time.  But that changes recently when my husband got hooked up with big watches.  He loves to buy these watches online, one of his favorites are Invicta watches.   Those big dial and huge strap inveigle him so much.   Those watches are really beautiful and sporty.   I have noticed recently that a lot of women wear big manly watches, I guess it becomes a fashion statement now.   I wanted to try one myself and checked if I would like it.   This is one of my husbands watches, that I borrowed from time to time.

I just love it because it looks much bigger than my wrist and it is very manly!   It looks like it will not break no matter how I wear and use it.   I think I will ask my husband to buy one of these watches for me.  How about this one?
This looks very sporty and durable!  If I have one of this, I don't have to ask for time from him or to anyone else.   I think this is a new year for me and a new beginning.    Wearing a watch will make me on time from all things at the same time it epitomize my fashion statement.

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