Monday, February 7

Birthday game ideas

Gabz had just her birthday a couple of weekends ago here in our house.   The kids had a blast because we prepared some games for them.  It was a classic games for kids but they still love it.  I guess what is important is that the kids will have fun and the parents too!  Here are some pictures :

We blew some balloons and put a paper inside that said if they win a prize or not !  It was fun even though the kids had a hard time popping the balloons.

We had the classic grapes relay !  Most of the kids are preschoolers and still had trouble following complex instructions.  It was even funnier because they did some unexpected things.
  Even the parents was having a great time watching their kids or some of them helping their kids to win :-)

This is the original pinata game.  We need a teenager to hit the pinata over and over just to have the candies out !!!

Newspaper dance will never become obsolete.  The kids still love it.  They also had the freeze dance.   They dance in the music and when the music stops they all freezed.  If someone move, he or she is out.   It was fun !!!

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