Monday, May 23

Enjoyed the sun at the Zoo

Last Friday, the weather here is Seattle was surprisingly on the 70's.   We spent the entire day walking and visiting the animals at Woodland Park Zoo with the kids and mother in law.  This is Andi's  first time at the Zoo, so you can just imagine how excited she was.   The kids had a chance to pet the animals and the family farm section of the Zoo.  Andi was all over the place, chasing the goat!!! She was so excited :-)  She loves the Giraffe and the birds too.   But the most exciting part, is getting an ice cream after many hours of walking!!!  Here are some of our pictures.

This Zoo is huge that I gave up and did not finish checking out the rest of the animals.  My feet was killing me, and I spent the rest of the day sitting on the grass at the park while my husband and daughter was still checking out the Kangaroos and white owls somewhere.   Later on, my daughter was complaining to me that the kangaroo did not even know how to jump !!! Hahaha....I think I should file a compliant to the Zoo administration! (kidding)

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