Monday, May 16

FREE items from your fav store

It is always fun and exciting to received variety of coupons from your favorite stores.   I always received free stuff from these store and most of the time I got to get these free stuff.  Just like today, I went to Bath & Body Works because I have a coupon for a free item of my choice worth $ 13 value when I purchase $10 or more.  Since they have a promotion of buy 2 get 1 free, I was able to get TWO free stuff!!!!  Amazing right?   The other day, I have Victoria Secret coupon for a free panty.  This one is much better because you don't need to buy anything.   Just present the coupon and you get your free stuff!!!

The only thing you need is give your email address or register to their website, and they send you coupons by mail or via e-mail.

Why pay for something when they give it for free?  This is one great way to save money in your shopping bag.

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