Wednesday, May 25

Getting Organized in the kitchen

Does it ever happened to you when one early morning you found yourself taking out everything in your kitchen cabinets?  For no reason, you feel like your kitchen has so much clutter and you have to do something about it?  I had that feeling yesterday, for no reason I was taking out everything  under my kitchen cabinet.  Washing all the grocery bags, my kid lunch boxes, rearranging plates, utensils, pots and pans, spices, groceries and everything there is.   It is funny when you are in this process and found a lot of stuff you never know you had!  I was so shocked to found out that I have two or three unopened bottle of salts, two bottles of balsamic vinegar, plenty of  seasoning, another new bottle of barbecue sauce and the list just go on.  These stuff were at the back of the cabinet, this is the portion where I could not reach and see what is in there.  No wonder, I have no idea I have those!  This makes me realized I need to do something about it.   I need to have one of those pretty and stylish spice rack!  I have been dreaming to have one of those.   It looks so organized and trendy, and it will look good on my kitchen counter too.   I think having one of those kitchen spice racks will help me get organized at the same time I could avoid buying multiple spices.  
This wall spice rack is cute and will make your kitchen look pretty and clutter free.  This will also give you more space in your cabinet because this is hanging in your wall.   Spices could be easily seen so you will have an idea which spices are running out.  Being organized eventually help you save money and time!

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