Wednesday, June 15

7 fresh start steps for food safety

I was reading through this pamphlet that I got from United Healthcare and came across this useful information.   I just though that this is worth sharing.

Fine-tune your fridge
7 fresh-start steps for food safety

Here's a chilling fact:  Foods that are improperly refrigerated - or past their prime can be a breeding ground for bacteria.   These seven savy steps can help protect you and your family from food borne illness:

1.  Set the fridge temperature at 40 degrees or less.  At warmer temperature, some bacteria can double their numbers every 20 minutes.

2.  Store perishables such as eggs and milk on interior shelves.   Door temperatures can rise when the fridge opens.

3.   Put raw meats in sealed containers so drippings can't taint other foods.

4.  Wipe up spills right away.

5.  Keep produce in crisp drawers.  If possible, set humidity levels high for veggies - and low for fruits.

6.  Divide cooked leftovers into small shallow containers.  They'll chill through faster than larger batches.

7.  Once a week, check for foods that are past their  prime.  A wise saying:  When in doubt, throw it out.

Thanks to United Healthcare for such a simple yet crucial information.

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