Monday, August 15

First Camping Trip Ever!!

Last weekend we had our first camping trip ever at Wenatchee lake here in beautiful state of Washington.  We went camping together with friends, we had a large group consisting of eight families.   Twenty or so adults and 12 children!   The youngest ones in the group are two 22 months old and that includes my daughter.   Prior to our trip, we had a couple of meetings to organized and discuss food, transportation, gears and activities.   We tried to avoid cooking so much because we wanted to have more activities and time to go swimming or things that everyone wants to do.

We coordinated who should bring what and who should do what, in short giving assignments and projects to each individual.  Since most of us are first timer in camping, we came up with a list of supplies needed.

Here is our list:  

Milk Tent Jackets with hoodie first aid kit
Water sleeping bags PJ's fire logs
Sausage/Hotdogs pillow extra clothes lighter
Corn blankets/comforter bonnet sunscreen
Cooler air bed extra socks off lotion
Ice air pump towel sun glasses
Coffee lantern slippers flash light
Sugar chairs quarters for the shower diaper
Creamer bathing suit   wipes
Grill  mini duster and dustpan   hand sanitizer
Grill Stick     toothbrush
Plates     shampoo
Bowls     hair suave
Plastic utensils     soap
Aluminum Foil     petroleum
Zip Lock     medicines
Plastic bags     bug repellant
Paper towels     camera
dish washing soap     musical instrument
Pins to hold the table cloth     rope lines
Table cloth/cover     hair brush
Trash bags     pots and pans
knife     books
can opener     hammock
coffee cups      
plastic cups      
toilet paper      
canned goods      
mini stove      
This was not the perfect list but this helped us survived in the wild.   I will post the pictures soon watch out for it!!!

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