Saturday, August 20

First Camping trip pictures Part 1

So, as promise here are the first part of our camping pictures.  This was the time when everyone was trying to settle in and the kids getting so crazy with excitement.   It was the first time for most of us to go camping, so just imagine how the kids behaved.....

 This is the picture of our tent with my daughter and her friend. 

These are the ladies preparing and figuring out what to have for dinner.  I think we brought so much food, we were like eating most of the time.  And the food that we brought are like all yummy.  I think for the three days that we went camping, I have gained so many pounds!!!

Most of the tents that you can see belongs to our group.  And there are more on the left side which was not seen on the picture.  We have like a total of eight tents!!! That is fun and crazy right? 

I will post more pictures soon, we went white water rafting too!!! It was awesome, but we haven't got the pictures from the company yet, so I am not sure when I could post it.   But I will try to post some for sure.

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