Thursday, September 8

Gossip Mags

Posted by Arden Wallace

I cut our monthly overhead by 7% by getting ExpertSatellite deals. Now I can spend the money I save every month on things that I used to deprive myself of. Now, I let myself buy gossip magazines. I always waited for the day that I wouldn’t feel guilty buying these semi-truthful magazines. I love to read them, usually I only got to catch up on them at the hairdresser and doctor’s office. Now I can kick back anytime and read them at home. Of course, I would never let anyone at work catch me reading them, but they are my guilty pleasure. It’s amazing how much entertainment you can attain from “In Touch”, “US Weekly”, and “People”. There is always something new and exciting going on in the world of celebrity gossip. I keep up with who is dating who, who’s pregnant, and who just got out of jail ( or is going back). The only down fall to indulging in the celebrity gossip scene is catching yourself talking about celebrities as if you know them!

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