Wednesday, March 7

Long Commute

Thanks for the guest post by Jo Levy

I work in New York City and live in Staten Island, so sometimes my commute is long. I’ve thought about moving to Manhattan, but since all my family is in Staten Island I would always be going back and forth anyways. I figured it wasn’t worth the extra money I would spend on rent, when I would still have to travel a lot. I hate it that I feel like I’m wasting time waiting in a train station or just sitting on a train, so I got connected with staten island clear so that I could have an internet connection while I commute. It is nice to take out my computer and put in headphones and take care of returning emails and paying my bills on my own private connection. It is a good way to stop people from talking to me too. It’s the worst when an annoying person sits next to you on the train and tries to make friends. I’m glad that I found a way to make that time useful so that I don’t feel so rushed to get things done when I get home.

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