Tuesday, March 20

Makeover Project

Me and my husband is trying to make some makeover in our house.   We started in my daughter's bedroom.  We painted one portion of her bedroom wall purple, I think this is what they call accent wall.  It looks pretty once the paint dried, quite dark but she choose that color by herself.  It turned out great because it matched the color of her curtain which is light purple.    Someone gave her a purple comforter and pillow in her last birthday. Everything matches and coordinated.  

To make her room a little bit alive, I bought some small canvas at Ross and her Dad put her lampshades back as accent to the wall.

I tried to take picture of her bedroom but the lighting are very poor.  Here it goes anyway:

Two things left that I need to do here are to change her headboard. I have to find something white and solid. Then put a little table or comfy chair beside her bookshelf for her reading space, then I am all set !!! 

 I will ask my husband to take a better picture, to give justice to the effort we did here.   A pint of paint transformed this little space.   It only took my husband 30 to 45 minutes to paint this spot.   So if you have a space that needs transformation and character, all you need to do is a roller and a can of paint !

Next stop is another room.

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