Saturday, April 7

Flowers for your graden

A few days ago I bought some flowers from Costco to be planted this spring.   To save money and time planting flowers every year, I decided to bought some perennial plants.  Something that will just grow by itself year after year until I get tired of them.   This will save me money buying new flowers every year as well.   A couple of years ago, I bought around 50 or so Tulip bulbs from Tulip festival.  And every year from then on, I am enjoying its flowers every spring time.  The best things is that, I don't have to do anything about them, just let it grow and watch it bloom.

This bag of flowers has 15 different bulbs on it and it only cost $19.99 at Costco.   This bag will give you a variety of flowers that will just grow year after year.   Not only that, they multiply on numbers too!

We were planning to do some make over in our front garden, but I am having second thoughts about it because of the cost implication.   I am trying to find some other options to make the garden looks pretty without spending so much.  Maybe adding more flowers and plants on it will change the appearance of our front yard.   Once the tulips are gone it looks so dull, maybe more green plants and colorful flowers will make the place more alive.  

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