Thursday, May 31

The dog likes her :-)

We went to the Rattle Snake Lake last Memorial Weekend.  The weather was perfect, so we decided to bring the kids to the lake and do some hiking as well.   After we ate lunch, we headed to the trail while one of our friend watched the kids play in the water.   While we were gone, little I know that Andi had a great time playing with this kind and jolly dog.   Everyone was telling me all about the new found friendship between my daughter and this dog after we got back from our hike.    And when I was there, kids were throwing a ball and the dog will go and fetched it and bring the ball back to Andi!  He was so sweet :-)  I was surprised that Andi was not even scared and keeps hugging the dog.   As if they found a bond between the two of them.  

Here they are:

The owner of the dog was so amazed how the dog loves playing with Andi.  Our friend took pictures and sent this one to my email address. 

I will post pictures of our hike and pictures of this lake last year and the last time we were there.   The water level had decreased so much that I almost did not recognized the place.   This spot where we were sitting used to have water on it.   Just imagine how far it is from the grass.  Water level used to be like five steps  away from that grass ( that was only last summer).

I will post picture soon !

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