Friday, June 8

Summer fun activities!

Summer is almost here, and school will be over in a week!  I just can't believed that one school year is over and my little girl will enter 1st grade this coming September.   While September is still far away, I want the kids to enjoy summer first.  I am scouting for summer fun activities for the girls.   Will it be swimming, ice staking, sports or simply enjoying time at the beach?   These activities are fun and I am pretty sure they will surely love, but me and my husband believed that even the school is out, we should not stop teaching our kids academically.  We always make sure that they have activity books, reading books, or anything educational to work on.   We always enjoyed the programs offered by the local libraries.  They have very good reading programs every summer.  We print out activities and printable online as well.   Online, there are tons of websites that offer curriculum based activities, printable and worksheets.   Every time I need Kindergarten worksheets and printable I always visit If your kid is still in Preschool, they have great Preschool Worksheets. They have free samples of worksheets, printable and reading materials.   If you want full access to all their materials, you can subscribe to their website.   They have materials from Pre-K to 8th grade.

I have been teaching Gabs Addition and Subtraction, and she is now getting the hang of it.   She has been asking me to teach her multiplication.  I feel like it is still early to teach her multiplication, but I think I will give it a shot.  I will try to print some Multiplication worksheets and see if she could handle it.  You will never know unless you tried, right?   

I think it is important that parents should not stop teaching their kids even though school is out.   It will be easier for kids to adjust when it is time to go back to school.   But make sure that learning and teaching is fun, so kids will always look forward to it!

Have a great summer everyone!

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