Wednesday, May 30

Story time at the library

I have been trying to find some activity for my 2 1/2 years old.   She is so bored in the house, that she wanted to pick up her sister early in the morning.  It would take a few explanation why we could not, but I guess she was just making excuses to be able to get out of the house.   As I was looking around different websites, I suddenly realized that local libraries has story time for kids.   I checked the nearest KCLS library in our area, and off we went.  They have story time every Tuesday and Wednesday @ 10AM.   This is Andi's first time to attend story time.   Surprisingly, she did good, she did and copied what other kids were doing.   She sat in front and listen, and sing and act as everybody does.

Here she is, the little girl wearing a blue top sitting in the middle of the group.

KCLS libraries has story time and other scheduled activities in their website.  All programs are free which is nice.   So, if you are looking for an activity or something to spend time with your kids before or after school, check their website.   Your local community has tons of programs too and the fees are very reasonable.

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