Friday, May 18

Exploring Seattle

Spring is here and the weather is just perfect.  Last weekend is one of them, sun is bright and a little breeze was passing from time to time to give a little coolness.  We spent the day to check out some nice places here in Seattle.  We went to Japanese Garden near University of Washington.   The place was quite hidden among trees and I would be lost if  I was the one driving.   The parking lot was small, but I guess it was ok because there are nearby small parking lots to use if you decided to go trekking, kayaking or just visiting the garden.   Entrance was surprisingly $6, and kids ages 0 to 6 are free.   We paid our entrance fees and headed inside, this picture will tell more about the place.  This was taken a few steps from the entrance of the garden.

The place is quiet and serene with all its Japanese character and atmosphere.  There is a little stream under this tiny bridge that adds to the tranquility of the place.  There are various path for you to take, but all leads to the middle of the garden.  The place is small, but very clean and well maintained.   All the flowers are blooming and the pond in the middle of it is full of fish that awaits food from people who wanted to take a better look at them.   When me and the kids sat down in the bridge and dangled our feet, all the fishes came over to us hoping for food! 

When we arrived, only a few people were there and most of them are holding their cameras taking pictures.    A few minutes after the place was packed with people!

Aside from the fish and ducks, Gabs found a turtle sunbathing on the side of the pond.  Turtles is one of the important symbol in Japan, and it represent longevity. 

At the far end of the garden, up the hill is a 200 year old Kobe Lantern (Gabs is heading straight to it).  According to the Garden brochure, it was a gift to the City of Seattle by the citizens of Kobe, Japan.

This place is just a perfect place to sit and relax under the sun.  They say that it is nice to visit the garden  another time, because different type of flowers bloom in different season.   The kids definitely enjoyed the place.  It was a perfect place to hang out with my family to celebrate Mother's Day !

You can check out this place at Seattle Parks and Recreation website.

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