Tuesday, May 22

Thank you to QFC

I have told you before that I am into this coupon thingy for a few months now.  So far I am so glad by the deals that I was getting and to tell you honestly, it is so addicting.  But one thing I am trying so hard is to buy things that my family needs and not to stock up on things that we don't need.

The other day, as I was going through our mail, I found these envelope full of coupons from QFC!!!

Some of these coupons has free items on it.  I think this is the second time that I got this type of coupons from them.   I did not request any of it, I just got this from the mail.   I am a member of QFC rewards, but that just it.   I am glad they send me these coupons.   I could find great deals on the store with these coupons!!!!

Thanks QFC!

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