Wednesday, June 13

Almost FREE grocery items

Reward programs at different grocery stores gives you not only discount but money saving coupons as well.   Most of these coupons are high value coupons, either Manufacturer coupons or store coupons, which you can combine to give you more savings.   I have register rewards to most grocery stores that I frequently go to and one of them is Albertsons.   Aside from the preferred rewards of Albertsons, they also have this Sizzling summer give away.   Check their website or store for more details.   Back to the register rewards, Albertsons gives you 10 points in every dollar you spent on qualifying items.   Once you reach 5000 points, your receipt will automatically print a $5 gift reward.   You can used this $5 rewards to buy anything in the store.   I could not count how many $5 I got from them, and if you combine this with the twice the value coupon that they issued, you could get grocery items for free.

The other day, I got another $5 reward from them and I used it to purchased these:

I paid $.48 for these three items, almost FREE!!  I got two $.55 coupons for eggs which I could used or combine with any store promotions or coupons.

 Isn't that great ???

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